Monday, November 21, 2016

Movement Monday: Take Action Now!

Welcome to Movement Monday!  This started as an email I sent weekly to my customers and clients designed to motivate continued action to achieve a desired goal throughout the week.  My mission is to provide the "want to" when it comes to reaching YOUR goal because the "how to" is different for every body and every goal.  When you are constantly seeking the truth, you will find exactly what you need.  Each email contains a subject, practical suggestions or encouragement surrounding the subject and powerful quotes that support the weekly theme.  After a big shift in my life, I am motivated to share my email with everyone!  My email subscribers will still receive an abridged version with a link to the full details here.

We are nearing the end of the month I like to call "No Excuses November" and guess what?! So many people are making excuses about why this isn't a good time to focus on their health.  Especially this week, Thanksgiving week, where most Americans will literally eat themselves into a coma and Thursday and then stress themselves out racking up debt in the spirit of giving.  Sounds a little absurd when put this way, but it's true.

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do." -- Henry Ford

Many of us are stuck in the same cycle, year after year, vowing to miraculously make a drastic change at the beginning of the year only to find themselves making excuses again in "No Excuses November!"  The thinking that says, "I will start building my ideal future tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year," is fatally flawed.  The future you are going to live is the one you are creating right now at this very moment.

The reality is that every moment counts!  If you truly value what it is you have in this life, you understand the importance of living for today; not tomorrow.  It's important to understand that the results you obtain are a direct byproduct of the actions you take.

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is a perfect week to start something new.  Today is the perfect day to take action on what you've been wanting for yourself, but have just been pushing it off into the future.  The fact that it's a major holiday week means in the US means your schedule will most likely be different than any other week in the year.  Use this change in your weekly routine to change something in your life.  Here are a few ways you can use this week to your advantage.

Eliminate distraction.  This may seem like a challenge if you are visiting family or family is visiting you, but you'll be the best house guest or hostess if you keep your own needs in mind.  Schedule time to collect your thoughts.  Take a walk, or schedule 5-10 minutes to yourself, even if it means taking a longer than normal shower.

Gain clarity.  It's hard to take action on what it is you want if you really aren't sure what it is you want.  If you've been holding off on taking action for a while, you probably have a million dreams and ideas of what it is you want.  Take time to write them down and get clear on what is a good fit for you.

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage." -- Dale Carnegie

Set priorities.  Often times, there is so much to do, and we have so many great ideas, that we struggle to take massive action on any of them.  We feel overwhelmed with the changes we may feel we need to make.  Instead of targeting everything at once, focus on making 1-3 changes at a time and stick to it.

Avoid perfectionism.  Maybe we think that we can’t move forward with something without it being absolutely perfect. Many people falsely believe the perfect time to do something is somewhere in the future and this future never happens because it doesn't exist.  The perfect time to start is now!  Change is incremental.  Understand that you may not get it right the first time, but you won't know what works for you until you start.  So start now so you can find what will work for you.

Thanksgiving week is a great time to continue to move your life in the direction you want it to go.  I want you to benefit from this week and the biggest benefit of taking action now is the boost it will bring to your confidence.  Our inaction creates doubt and uncertainty. When we don't take action, we start listening to others about why something won’t work.  Lack of action causes us to tune in to the voice in our head that has become a breeding ground for doubt, fear and uncertainty. We become too afraid of focusing on the wrong thing or worry what will happen if we fail, not realizing that we are guaranteeing failure by not taking action now.

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